These are the questions I get asked most often. Do feel free to get in touch if you have any others.

Do I need to bring my pet(s) to your studio?

Absolutely not. My studio comes to you. I am able to take picture in your own home or garden or in a safe area. If your dog has a favourite walk I'll join you on it and we can get some great candid shots as well as portraits if you have a safe area where we can go off lead. Obviously this is not quite as easy with cats. Just as with people I do like to meet you and your pet(s) before the actual day. Pets are less likely to be self conscious than people but I do like to see how they interact and also how they respond to a flash.

How long do you recommend for a shoot?

90 minute sessions seem to work best. This allows enough time for setup and to get the photos you want. Longer than that and its hard to maintain your pet's attention. Most people split these into 2 sessions, 1 at home and one out walking. For either of these I do recommend (for dogs) that they have a good walk or runaround before the shoot as they will be much calmer.